2 Be or Knot Too Bee

Some of you are scolding me for that title, and I’m laughing because it’s phonetically correct despite how cumbersome it appears to the brain of this typing chimp.

Here’s an expansion on a term this chimp briefly mentioned in the last post, manifested with pure direction at a time when my intuition said it’s time again to write for our kin.

Da werd?


Or Bless when you add them together since sound wise the universe reads it as B less when you separate the sound enough. If it exists within the word or sound, then it exists when it’s projected out from one’s mind or mouth.

Believe it or not because lie is at the center of belief, and I’m honestly not here to tell ya how to brush your teeth since we both know you’re probably capable of doing such a task with ease. Or maybe not, you honestly know better than me since you’re experiencing your version of reality.


With that B-ying said, here’s a list that spells it out a bit.

Blessing equates to B Less ing, although comically enough by removing the SS you’re left with Bleing (bling).

SS (serpents or snakes) equates to 10 + 10 or 1 + 1 which can either be seen as 2 (union between that which is to that which distorts) or 11 as mastery over humanity, or authority over those who utilize such terminology unconsciously throughout eternity.

Take the L out along with the SS and you’ll find that one is left with the purity of BEING. Simply breathe and BE, exist in your authenticity because that’s the last thing the Matrix wants one to achieve.


Nowadays this monkey uses praise because raise is right in the same.

Layv and Praise – Have a great day!

Featured Image: Giphy


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