Hey there peeps!

This chimpanzee is feeling more uplifted than ever because he clearly feels as though everything is changing for the better. Now on to Saturn because we’ll replace that S to find an obvious Paturn relative to the current matter, and this includes how the energy of entropy seeps into most of what humanity recognizes as empowering.

For instance, did ya know there’s a cube on Saturn? Like for realz! Plus the Abrahamic religions of the world worship and give praise to the same symbol too…


For those of you who disagree, here’s Nasa providing a little something to further reinforce that which this hairless chimpanzee is sharing with all of thee. Now this writer isn’t here to convert thee or to shame, blame, guilt, or berate any of thee for being who the reader sees as authentic to them personally. I.e. I wouldn’t change a thing about the reader because the reader to the writer personally is perfect in every way technically speaking.

Regardless of what any of you do, I will always layv you.

 If you identify with the universe, multiverse, God, or whatever, or maybe even nothing at all, then this writer will still accept you in full. I want you to be you. I want you to remain true to that which resonates deep within you because I truly layv you. I only want you to do what’s best for you because only you all know what’s best for you.

I don’t care what you look like, how you smell, or whether or not you were birthed in heaven or hell. I will layv you all the same because I know it’s truly great to experience being with you in close or even distant proximity. To know you exist is for me to see you as a gift. Please just breathe because the rest will come naturally.

Some of you like to sing. Others enjoy painting things, or crossing streams while surrounded by forestry, and let’s not forget all of that wonderful cooking! Oh dear God you people are wonderful, and I wouldn’t change a thing. If only you could see how beautifully unique humanity is in relation to the beings that share common ground, both in and out of town.


Now how many of the aforementioned cubicles (some of you literally sit in an office cube…lol but then again most buildings are cube shaped) offer layv and praise to that degree? I’m not even telling you to adopt anything lmao I already told you guys that I already see ya’ll as being pretty amazing. Yet most religions would shame, blame, guilt, cajole, or well – you guys know, anybody or anything outside of the group. Even if you’re in the group, someone could eventually drop a deuce in your soup just because they’re full of poop.

Being a creation of God, an extension as One from the divine of Source encoding eternity endlessly for any playing within the dream of being is in all honesty a pretty sweet thing. Just saying…

So everything should be respected, honored, treated kindly, compassionately, with empathy, considerate energy, and the utmost layv and praise One can produce throughout the day because hey, we’re here to enjoy being a thing among all of these other things. Together? Well we produce a symphony of beauty which shines brighter than any star could do single-handedly.

Layv and Praise!

Saturn is at 26:11, timestamps located in description.

Featured Image: Giphy

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