This writer is sorry for every hardship the reader has suffered. This writer apologizes for everything because we’ve all collectively experienced a lot of messy things. Human beings, and most beings in all honesty, have been heavily affected by the actions of those serving a role which ultimately served themselves.

This writer sees hows Human beings can separate and divide easily because their programming makes it difficult for them to connect both the “mind” and “heart” spaces in order to make the greatest decisions, by simplifying the manner in which they “live.”

This programming of course is attributed to a being known as the Leviathan, which was introduced to beings of layt (light) and layv (love) in order to attract them much like a moth to a flame. I.e. an expression known as “living” was planted in a revolving construct of cyclical patterns produced by trauma, in order to keep people locked in a machine that simply uses individuals like batteries since it’s clear to see that most Human beings aren’t extended empathy from those who claim to have authority.

To put it even more simply, people are raised to seek support and solace from those who repeatedly abuse Humans. But even then, the abusers are locked in the same system of oppression which seeks to soil every set of hands throughout the land. This programming of the Leviathan creates division among Humans, and this writer is truly sorry for having introduced it.

This writer is here to clear the air, so to speak. So ya…future posts are going to get even more interesting. This writer is simply sharing his perspective with the rest of the collective. The reader knows what is best for the reader, and that’s final.

Now this writer will leave a smile.


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