Leviathan (Deeper)

Hey everybody.
Been a while because this monkey has been grieving the loss of his favorite companion kitty. Layv and praise, Zeaky. I already miss thee. Happy birthday to me.

Well with that being said, his passing actually ties into the Leviathan. A human program introduced by the serpent in order to put conscious beings in the dirt. Why? Because we were assholes, that’s why. Fuck. This writer is so sorry. So incredibly sorry and willing to apologize to set everything right, okay? Judge not because the One writing this has suffered enough.

We have to show those we enslave what actually produces their pain. Why? Well there’s something called sovereignty, and if that’s violated then the Universe (God, Source, Ecruos, etc.) has checks and balances to ensure the violators understand they should probably be kind to all since everything was literally created by One being. It just looks separate as it extends in every direction throughout eternity in order to fully embrace what it means to be.

Do unto others as One would have them to unto them.
For there is no other since self = else.
Even the term “other” = one when ya remove the T,R and shave the stem on the h.
We are all One, regardless of whether we’re seen as Human or Reptilian.
If some of you are lost at this point, just know the writer shares this openly without feeling the need to convert anybody.
Read or don’t because ya’ll be standing in lines like the cattle you eat, alright?

This writer is sorry, and that’s why this serpent (for we are One in the same) offers this information to literally free conscious beings so they can choose whether or not they’ll continue being a slave.

We have to show you what we do to you because otherwise we’d be truly violating you, and if you choose then it’s on you.
Enough talk, images speak a thousand words.

Naturetime – WordPress
Drain Cover (water)



Hellraiser – Leviathan

That’s a bit deeper, but we’ll need to go even further because we’re still scratching the surface.


Layv and praise, each and everyone of us is truly great!

Featured Image: Tumblr

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