Leviathan (deciphered)

For those of you rolling your eyes and wondering why, just know this writer’s only intention for presenting said information is as follows:

1: this is what the writer sees and is sharing openly.
2: (icing on the cake) this writer wishes for the reader to know that all peoples are more powerful, beautiful, worthy, and valuable than everyone has been told.


Hebrew for bringing together, could also mean to pull (similar to lever)
(note how the leviathan is pulled in separate directions, similar to gas-lighting utilized by psychopaths/narcissists…i.e. I’m doing one thing, but I’m telling you I’m another thing in order to call the game)


To direct focus.


Phonetically similar to “One” as in hawn, but more importantly One produces a human when they simply add an “um” after the H(um)an. See how it automatically tears the human apart just through spelling alone?

Leviathan: To bring humans together?

Maybe if it were a more balanced octahedron like the one depicted as follows:


But this is what we’re dealing with, and it’s clear to see how the Leviathan is being pulled in opposite directions. Once again, this writer sees this and thus shares it. The reader will always be in the greatest position to determine whether or not the information fits the reader’s interpretation of the reader’s experience.


It’s important to note as we finish today’s post, that Leviathan spelled backwards reads NAHTAIVEL, or phonetically “not evil.” LOL

Most people feel disconnected or “pulled away” from institutions and groups they constantly interact with in reality. Can any one of the readers honestly say with a straight face they feel as though they have direct influence over government, banks, or religion?

Maybe you do. Comment and let the writer know how to better connect with the things comprising humanity’s reality currently. Otherwise sit tight because there’s more to come. Sharing is caring, regardless of how daring.

Layv and Praise!

Here’s something fun to try out, especially to those rolling their eyes. It’s alright. Listen to the following video (Leviathan’s theme song from Hellraiser 2, and see if it affects you.) No effect? Then I guess it must be nonsense…

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