Destroyer Employer

People keep things simple.

A shift in perspective…

Most of us have worked jobs. Most of us have donned the title “wage slave,” whether knowingly or not. But it’s an actual thing, and most humans ascribe to this manner of being. Freedom isn’t free…that’s called honesty!


Even the term wage contains age, and the term manager equates to Man – Ager.

Do ya see where this is going?

But the system says I have to pay for everything, and ya know I gotta work in order to earn by the sweat of my brow to be worthy or valuable! I gotta pay taxes and vote and do EVErything government, banks, and religion tell me because they’re a higher authority that knows better than me!


“Workin hard don’t always pay grits, if it did EVEry slave would be rich.”
– Illuminati Congo

The System is God, Source, Ecrous, the Universe, the Multiverse, etc. Anything else is a subsystem of a much greater vision.

The letter L is the same as EL in Hebrew (1/72 names of God). So it’s true that EVEryone must pay when L is taken out of the word play.

Earning by the sweat of One’s brow? Bankers sit in air conditioning while people often break their backs to “earn” a “living.” Are ya really “living” if yer earning it? Banks write words and put numbers into computers today while continuing to pretend their words and numbers actually mean anything in the grand scheme of things. The only thing that empowers bank documents is the fact EVEryONE else is taking it seriously…like an actual game of monopoly where people can experience actual pleasure or pain to the 10th degree.


Worth and value? Once again, bank documents make it all up and “determine” how much will be “gifted” to One’s cup. Credit score? How about I exist and therefore I am a gift. End of argument, chimp.



 Taxation. So uh, ya. About this One. Did ya realize that taxation is based on the notion that people would be unwilling to offer support where there is genuine need, so the government literally forcibly takes it from EVErybody. Seriously. Like for real. They’ll fucking put ya in a cage if ya try to avoid being their slave. Anytime there’s a disaster, people flock from all corners of reality to support those in need. Okay? Empaths actually give a fuck, believe it or not!


Vote. The very definition of a joke. Ya’ll vote to place others in positions to dictate how ya’ll go about achieving your missions. Most people are concerned with breathing, eating, resting, drinking, and then of course they tend to fill their time and space doing other things. Right? Pretty simple. But for some reason, people feel the need to have others hundreds (sometimes 1000’s) of miles away make decisions when all involved are experiencing their own version of things.


That simply doesn’t make sense. Especially when governments are telling people they can’t legally earn money because reasons (virus, disaster, ya’ll create it and have the ability to fix it). Can’t earn money? And both governments and banks still expect people to pay in more than One way? Hmmm…that seems genuinely fucking insane. Not to mention the fact bank and government officials are still getting paid for doing nothing…lame.

Higher authority?
Just because someONE says to jump off the cliff, doesn’t mean ya gotta do it. If ya jumped, well I guess that means they’re higher after all.

Just sayin…


More to come…
Layv and Praise!

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