Got your attention, didn’t I?

God I layv people.

Sharing information is One thing, but does it resonate? That’s the big ticket question because truth is simply truth, and being honest doesn’t involve selling anything to you.


If something resonates, then it’s kind of like a gong being struck in this writer’s chest as a way to signify whether or not a matter can be laid to rest. Where does One stand in relation to all of this? If it’s the same for the reader then great, and if not that’s also okay.

This is a simple truth that is now shared openly with all of you because this writer understands how daunting it can be to understand where One is in relation to all things seemingly bombarding ya from all corners of reality.

What benefits and supports my being as opposed to…well it goes without saying in all honesty.


We exist…might as well enjoy the experience!

So here’s a simple tip that should resonate with ya, and at the very least it’ll get ya exploring that which is already within One’s being. What might that be? Truth in all honesty.


This writer often thinks or says things aloud to test the waters, so to speak. Like for instance the other day this monkey literally said “I’m on planet Earth,” and the water within the writer’s chest was still. “I’m on a planet.” “I’m in a solar system?” “I’m a part of a galaxy?” “I’m a part of a universe?”

Still nothing…

Ya see dear reader, this writer really found this to be interesting considering these are things we’ve been told throughout this experience. Makes sense, right? That’s the truth!


So with those statements falling flat, this writer tried saying the following:

“I am the Earth. I am the Moon. I am the Sun. I am the Planets. I am the Stars. I am the Milky Way. I am the Universe in its entirety. I am all that has come before me. I am all that will follow me. I simply am me. I am.”


This is honestly true for EVErybody (in the writer’s view, in all honesty).

Our physical beings (or at least that which is viewed as such currently) are comprised of EVErything that comprises the stuff that surrounds us.

Is the reader into religion? Okay then, EVErything exists and is a creation of God.

Is the reader into science? Okay then, EVErything exists and is of the Universe.

Language? Both comments resonate in the chest of this ape.


Listen here, folks. We are all the summation of our parts. This is truth, regardless of how One attempts to eat their soup.

Does it resonate?

This is my message to all of thee.

We are made of the same and should treat each other compassionately and considerately, regardless of how we vibrate throughout eternity. What I do to you, I do to myself too.


Layv and Praise!

P.S. There’s plenty more darkness to cover, but this writer understands that darkness is heavy. So we’ll mix things up and balance it out, okay?


You guys are great. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Resonance

    1. Thank you so much, Nery! I really appreciate your positive feedback, and I also enjoy meeting kind people like y(ourself). Takes One to know One 🙂 Layv and Praise!


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