Dreadnought (Braking Knewz)

The reader knows what is best for the reader. This writer is simply sharing that which this writer sees in reality because this writer feels as though it influences EVEryONE to some capacity, as it does currently in relation to Humanity.



What’s breaking and what broke it? Which One of you chimps did it? Or was is something else that’s gone amiss? One certainly should refrain from throwing around Judgement too quickly, if ya know what this chimp means ya jelly beans?

Nowadays this chimpanzee calls his starting meal a “buildfast,” since it makes sense to construct things if One truly wishes to manifest anything that’ll last.


That aside, breaking can be broken (haha, get it?) down into something a little more interesting phonetically speaking.

B – rea- king
Be – ray – king
Be – rea – cting

Even breaking sounds similar to breacting. In any case, K is similar to act = ak.

The Dreadnought prefers chimps to react because if they were to act, then the entire Leviathan’s play would fall flat. Why pay taxes when we all have the ability to plant a seed in the ground to grow something edible, medicinal, and highly effectual in terms of promoting the overall wealth of the whole? Geez leweez, that’s sounds practical in all HONESTY.

Ask y(ourself):
(for we are One in the same, simply expressing itself uniquely throughout eternity)
Does watching or listening to the news empower us consistently to feel as though we are all directly influencing the current state of reality?


More to come.

Layv and Praise!

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