Dreadnought (Mockingbird)

People are programmed to see reality a certain way. That’s okay, and this writer is here to share the manner in which he sees things. Agree or disagree because the writer is Gucci. Onto the post, the more ya know.

The media and government would both have One believe that Operation Mockingbird isn’t really a thing. In summation: the concept of government and media working together to alter the manner in which people wear their sweaters.

So we could spend hours researching and presenting…ugh. Dear reader, this writer understands it feels good to some to see government and media as being protective and well-meaning to humanity collectively speaking.

“some species MIMICKING the songs of OTHER BIRDS and the sounds of INSECTS and AMPHIBIANS, often loudly and inΒ rapid succession.”

Interesting. Now what does that have to do with the Media, which is not an Idea generated from within…BUT rather thought forms shared openly and sometimes to the point of being like verbal diarrhea, from the perspective of the ego from God knows what.


Me – Dia
My Ego – Die

One could read that as the death of the Ego, but this monkey sees it as One’s will and perspective being thrust upon another to the point that other literally experiences a death of the self because they only know what the former has constantly told from their folds (brain bumps and stuff that temporarily anchor One’s consciousness to make sense of all this). Astral projection is a thing, and we are MUCH MORE than our bodies!


Mika Brzezinkski – MSNBC co-host…father’s name is Zbigniew Brzezinski


Anderson Cooper from CNN openly admits to having interned with the CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency. Just look at that face scarfing those fries down…to each their own, but how much did they pay him to do that?

That’s the issue this monkey sees with what corporate America would define as a conflict of interest. Ya know, pointing out the fact that people typically allow their personal biases and relationships to influence the manner in which they exist and portray themselves to other chimps.

Does that make sense?

It’s pretty simple in all honesty, and this is public information…so…

Here’s the TL;DR version of just what in the fudge are ya gettin at?

People who have invested interests in politics, domestic, and even foreign policies also have ties to organizations like the Media that are supposedly in place to scrutinize that which transpires beyond the voting lines.

That’s a big issue.

Like a really big issue. One that looks like the following:


Not to mention the fact these people are all getting paid to say whatever they’re told to say. Just saying because this monkey is paid to move boxes and clean toilets…this monkey doesn’t mind being of service, but for what purpose and who’s running the circus?

Comment below and tell this monkey what ya know. Does this make sense? Does it seem problematic? Come on, folks. This isn’t the only chimp capable of discussing this…

More to come.

Layv and Praise!


Featured Image:Β Gifer

4 thoughts on “Dreadnought (Mockingbird)

    1. Thank you so much, Adrian! You’re absolutely right concerning the changes because even the smallest pebbles can make the largest ripples πŸ™‚ Layv and Praise!


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