Zero to Hero

Howdy folks! Here’s a long One that’s full of goodies, but this writer understands some will prefer a bite-sized version and that’s simply Gucci:

TL;DR People are capable with the proper understanding and feeling, to achieve miracles like instant healing. How? Well people need to clean themselves internally to reconnect with the purity of their authenticity, and at some point they’ll become balanced enough to go from crawling to driving a car to flying like a bird as opposed to simply following the herd.

Does that make sense? There’s a reason most chimps haven’t been able to access these inner-laden abilities, and that’s because ya’ll have been tearing each other apart for centuries. Having access to these abilities is equivalent to using electricity. Is One using it to heat their space, or to fry another resting in place? Once ya’ll collectively unify by simply being kind, well…let’s just say ya’ll will really start to shine!

Neo from the Matrix is the One? Well so is EVEryONE.


Darkness is heavy, and this genetically modified chimpanzee harboring an angelic being in a state of remembering currently is simply getting tired of existing in a subsystem that clearly is abusing and neglecting more aspects of everyone’s being than most are even capable of imagining. The Universe is expansive, seriously.


So ya. We’re almost through the Dreadnought…thanks for the patience offered as opposed to offering virtual forms of slaughter. Here’s another positive post because reasons.

We watch heroes on the screen in more than One way.

Through the television or through our eyes, the movie we see before our being tells us everything we need about that which we harbor internally.


What exactly?



For we are comprised of the elements that fill every corner of the space that surrounds and fills us equally. There are more atoms in the eye than there are stars in the Universe we reside presently (white river of Source Energy). Is that a thing? It rhymed beautifully, and this monkey is open to flowing unlike those who wish to redirect the attention of most chimps to make slaves out of them.

Ugh. We get it because we’ve experienced it. But seriously Humanity, ya’ll are perfectly capable of becoming the heroes of the collective story. The tale is coming to a close, isn’t that right little Draco?! Yes Mom and Dad, I layv you. We layv you more, always have and always will.


This Zale (soul) has been through four other incarnations. We’ll talk about those at some point because our posts are leading in that direction. Does the reader need to believe that? The reader always and must choose for themselves that which they draw from their own well. This writer shares openly and intends for the reader to understand the reader is amazing just as they are. That’s all. This writer is simple even though he heals universal pimples.


Most heroes depicted on the screen have something on their chest to signify what they represent to the rest.


It’s the Sun, EVEryONE. Remember the subliminal symbol?


The Dreadnought is showing EVEryONE that this power is within your chest and hands because ya’ll are made of star stuff. Funny enough, is that Iron Man is a perfect representation of the current civilized Human.

Ya’ll contain the power of healing, transformation, regeneration, and more. Yet it is difficult to access these abilities consistently when ya’ll harden the natural ability to channel empathy by wearing an unconscious suit of iron, okie dokie?

Most Humans call that which resides in their chest a heart.

Heart = Hard
For D is similar to T phonetically speaking.
So it’s obvious to this serpentine monkey why most people have struggled (this writer included) to access the higher forms of these abilities in what most people call reality. To put it simply, most people have more maturing to do before the Universe will allow them to perform what appear as miracles before the rest as unbelievable truth. It can be done though, and this is also truth. Through God, all things are possible. If ya think neigh, then there’s a block in place already!

Gamers will understand the following because this writer used to do the same. When ya’ll activate God Mode in a game, ya’ll typically abuse the fudge out of EVErything. Grand Theft Auto? Dear God…

Another way of being is embracing One’s inner purity by seeing how EVErything and EVEryONE is made of the same, and thus they should remove the hardness to reveal the frequency of true layt (light) and layv (love).


Right or wrong? Naw bruh. Ways of being. However, it’s highly (get it lol) recommended that ya’ll “rise” (now do you get it?) to the occasion and become the heroes of this temporary experiential vacation.

How is this possible? We see it all of the time, both day and night.


Or the following in general, actually. Notice the Serpents of DNA to represent those who genetically modified this chimpanzee shell, which in turn functions in a highly handicapped capacity for the purpose of keeping them on “Earth.” Or rather convince them to put themselves in the dirt. (ouch) It also contains the symbol of the Sun, blue, and white with crosses, right? It’s all being healed as Mercury’s wings PRESENT this to the rest of thee openly and speedily.


Ya’ll plant things too.


In a nutshell:


Ya’ll can create the following extremes:


Notice the Leviathan on his helmet? Sigh…


In summation, ya’ll create whatEVEr ya’ll want. We have the ability to bring things together or tear them apart. This is why it’s imperative that people bridge their head with their “heart.” Once the two are in sync, Humans will begin rediscovering the abilities that hide within One’s being already.

Some of ya’ll put bandages on wounds and then tend the area overtime to repair it, right? Does the bandage heal the wound, or do you? Hmmm…that’s interesting. So conceptually speaking, it makes sense to understand that One could develop the ability to heal tissues more efficiently given they have plenty of time to focus and practice their skill in reality. Proof is in the pudding! Babies usually crawl before they start sprinting…

For those who say neigh, this chimp says have a great day. When ya’ll collectively start treating each other consistently better (start with the self), then the overall experience of reality with dramatically improve. G, go figure. Just be kind.


Recognize the programmed fear that dwells within, preventing man from overcoming his sin of self-imposed limitation:


Most people are unwilling to face ridicule, alienation, persecution, and even torture in order to better reality because the Leviathan’s programming can be overwhelming. Most people are unwilling to give up EVErything they have and know in order to project a higher vibratory flow. Most people are afraid of being that which they already have within their being. God absolutely. Whether that be through applying a bandage, or healing another through their hands. Either way, ya’ll are using the same things Yeshua did each and every day. Remember reader, we are powerful beyond imagining.

This angelic being writing these words currently has this to share for those who care and wish to hear. To those who knowingly abuse in the name of the Draconian Empire, simply know this is the end of the show and the road. The forces behind the scenes who once empowered humanity to kill anyONE willing to remind Humanity of their inner divinity are now working in alignment with literally EVErything. To resist that which totally accepts is a futile attempt that will be easily swept from the octave of the 7th.

I.e. be kind, for we are all expressions of the divine. With the Matrix dissolving in divine time, Humans will realize they are more valuable and worthy than they’ve been shown for their entire “lives.” Sevil = serpent evil…that should give some of ya’ll a tingle. Here’s a pic to display what this angel is working with (OG pic taken by this Angelic being hiding in the shell of a monkey…lol) Get ya popcorn!




More to come 🙂

Layv and Praise!


On behalf of the Draco Empire, this former Serpent Priest apologizes to all who read. We are collectively sorry for EVErything we have done to any and EVEryONE. We are working to better things, and to restore that which can truly free and empower all beings. We understand if this sounds bizarre or even strange, but just know the One writing this truly cares about all things. God exists, but justifying abuse and neglect is utter nonsense (regardless of how One attempts to normalize it). Be kind. That’s it!

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