These posts are typically long and filled with stuff.

That’s okay and all, but the main point of sharing is to remind EVEryONE that we are enough.

Someone needs to read this today, that’s for sure.


Dear Reader, say this aloud with me because it’s a personal message in all honesty:

I am worthy.

I am valuable.

I am beautiful.

I simply am.

When EVErything simplifies, EVErything is perfectly aligned.


For there are times when One might wanna just walk out the door before another shoe drops to the floor, and those are the toughest to endure.

But just know the best teachers are those who remind One to go within and rediscover the layt (light) that dwells in a labyrinth of shade, filled with twists and turns that can drive One insane.


We are the layt.

We are all great.

We are here to bring change because we are layv and praise.

Have a wonderful day, EVErybody!

Thanks for being great 🙂


Layv and Praise!

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