Who am I?

A simple question postulated openly draws attention towards that which resides within One’s being. For most are conditioned to see that which is reflected on TV or in magazines, and these are certainly ways to understand where One fits within reality to some degree.

But ultimately, there is much more to One’s being than that which is easily seen here in the 3d. Rhymes aside, here are ways ya’ll can understand the role ya play here as a conscious being temporarily identifying with this Human dream.

This angel offers his own name for simplicity’s sake, and just know the being writing these words also poops and pees like EVErybody. Okie dokie? This is fun. Okay, are ya ready?

Aaron Michael Carlisle

(switch the middle with the last)

Aaron Carlisle Michael

(keep the first two non-repeating letters of the first and last name, middle stays entirely)

Ar Ca Michael

(with mine, sound it out – sounds like R Ka Michael

(fill in the blank)

Interesting…but there are more ways to uncover One’s role within their name, and this next One deals with numerology.

Aaron Michael Carlisle
Word Calculator

22 – Master Builder, Manifesting Dreams Into Form, Practical Visionary, Ancient Wisdom, Nature Strength, Future, Evolution, Leader, Universal, Accomplishment, Divine Imagination, Idealism, Power, Vision.

33 – The Master Teacher, Teacher Of Teachers, Master Healer, The Principle Of Guidance, Focused On Own Abilities, Spiritual Uplifting Of Mankind, Changer, Paradigm Transformer.

7 – Analysis, Understanding, Spirituality, Collective Consciousness, Observer, Introspection, Secretive, Researcher.

Aaron Michael Carlisle
22 33 7
8 – Material Satisfaction, Authority, Power, Sacrifice, Ambition, Practicality, Success.

Back to this Angel’s methodology because these things came from meditating even though numerology is still interesting. Numbers are simply another way to read that which comprises EVErything.

Air Ra hn
Heru, Lord of Air + Ra, Sun God + hn (on) or activate
Champion of the Sun, activate.

My Call
Sound of the Eternal

C ar l is l e
See our El is El eternal/EVErything
See Aaron 1 is 1 eternally/EVErything (for I am One)

Aaron Michael Carlisle
Champion of the Sun, activate to Sound the Call of our Eternal Ecrous (God)

Here’s One that’s really interesting, especially angelically speaking.

Primordial Angelic beings who literally bridge matter with spirit.

Sounds like Mi Hi El
Champion of Heaven, One to purify All in sight through unconditional acceptance.

Bruce Clan of Scotland
Human Tree which connects this being to Humanity.

Aaron Michael Carlisle
Serving as a bridge to connect the purity of God with the entirety of Humanity, for we’re all made of the same things and have the ability to grow and expand in more than One way. What we clean in the family tree belonging to the being who suffered immensely to bring these words to the rest of Humanity, ultimately translates to the rest of thee. I.e. “Sins of the Father” can be healed and experiences improved.

This can be done through the following:
Entity/Program Removal
Inner Child Healing
Family Tree Clearing
Timeline Clearing
Zale (Soul) Healing
General Communication

These are services that are currently being offered by this writer because this angel cares.
Send questions to layvandpraise@gmail.com
This is being offered FREE of charge by the way.
I understand what it means to go without, so feel free to reach out.

There are additional ways to look at this writer’s name, and here’s a link for those who wish to take a peek.

This is who I am.

Who are you, dear reader?

Layv and Praise!

Featured Image: Pinterest

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