Simplicity is Key

People are funny.

We talk so much about so many things, but ultimately we need to remember that if people didn’t exist – neither would any of this.

Any of what?

Grocery (Grow Shree) Stores – where the only things growing are mold and dust accumulation. Guaranteed Fresh! I call BS. Aint no vines or roots extended across those tile floors, that’s the truth!
This all generates because of you and myself too.

Lol people are funny.


There’s plenty of EVErything available to EVErybody. It’s called the Universe, but things seem scarce when Walmart is the supplier.
People justify existing in scarcity.
Scare City.
Sounds like a great place to be!

We exist, so let’s make the best of it.
Flush the crap down the drain so that EVErything can start to look more sane, okay?

For Christ’s sake, just breathe and allow EVErything else to come naturally.


10 commandments? Constitutions? Legally “binding” (lol) contracts that can easily be ripped, torn, burned, soaked, and destroyed into so many things which resemble the embers that can empower dough to bake.

We exist regardless of what games or scripts chimps use to explore their consciousness, okay? Are ya’ll triggered? Tough cookies.

Ya’ll are funny.

Just be kind, alright?

Have a great day.

Layv and Praise!

Featured Image: Giphy


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