Human Solution

Let’s pretend for a moment that governments, banks, and religions all desire the best for all involved. That EVEry person in roles of influence truly wish to raise society towards a state of Heaven. Let’s pretend the message these institutions conditioned all of us to think since we came into being is actually truthfully and literally a legitimate thing. The idea that governments, banks, and religions are able to lead EVEryONE into a better way of existing, as long as EVEryONE follows their directions absolutely.

Remember. We’re playing pretend, so just run with it cause it’s going to make complete sense. This post should get comments and shares because this literally involves EVEryONE out there.

governments, banks, and religions of the world:

Literally offering this on a silver platter lol…

(CON)gressional peoples should bring bus loads of “homeless” people into government facilities (we’re talking like Capitol Hill on the floor ya’ll spend so much time talking about how much ya’ll care about the society that fuels your insanity), and feed them. Give them legit cuisine too…the stuff ya’ll serve yourselves at those elaborate dinner parties funded by citizens. The GMO stuff and moldy bologna sandwiches offered typically at shelters…well would CONgress be willing to eat it? We’ve got more.

Once ya’ll have served those in need (especially the “homeless” veterans who are suffering because they chose to sign up for an ideal they believed in – One that was flaunted so readily by most CONgress peeps so regularly who didn’t even fight the damn thing), ya’ll can give the people being served the opportunity to acquire proper housing so they can shower in privacy. CONgress peeps might take issue with giving their shower up to an entire community of folks they don’t know personally, so they should understand the desire for others to have their own shower in reality. After all, it’s the little things that matter most when One has next to nothing. We’ve got more.

Once ya’ll have hooked those served with a proper space with visible worth (would CONgress – the opposite of PROgress…time is coming lol), ya’ll need to offer those being served the opportunity to receive a proper medical checkup. Give them haircuts. Ya know, freshen em up. The ladies are gonna want to feel pretty, and the guys are gonna want to feel grounded with a good pair of jeans that’ll last through anything. Look at it this way CONgress, what would ya’ll want for y(ourselves)? That’s the approach that’ll profit the most. Furnishings need to be included with those dwellings too by the way, appliances and the whole lot.

Once this has all been done (the surface stuff), now CONgress can provide those being served the opportunity to access crisis counseling, therapy, and anything else that is necessary for people suffering with mental illness to receive in order to enjoy reality. Has CONgress experienced being attacked while resting on cardboard, all because they had an item another desperate Zale (soul) desired? Years of abuse and neglect typically lead to impoverishment. That’s a FACT, holy fudge muppets. Those being served should experience the relief of knowing they are indeed okay just as they are, and that they will get support for anything they bear or struggle with personally. Instant “re-election,” holy fudge muppets!

Alright CONgress, time to forward those being served to the nearby banks so the tellers can tell those who are now on the rise how to properly handle that imaginary thing called money Humanity is so hell bent on using, even though it obviously complicates the way we exist. For those complaining about the cost of doing all of this, here’s ideas for that: actually use tax dollars to invest in society, DONATIONS…holy fudge, or just take money out of the equation altogether and realize ya’ll can simply use those hands and feet to accomplish wondrous things in reality. Silly chimpanzees. There’s not much else for banks to do because they honestly produce very little, and that’s the fudging truth! CONgress is mad at banks by now hahaha they actually had to work for ONCE lmao We’ll leave that One ambiguous so people can fight over who works more lol

Speaking of investing in society. Hey banksters, I mean bankers! Put that pretend money into the institutions that can teach people how to “Human.” It’s called investing, and it’s something ya’ll do naturally apparently when it comes to manifesting yachts and planes for chimpanzees who literally spend their time doing nothing. Playing with numbers and pressing buttons…gamers do that too, but their Xbox ONE isn’t giving them as much loot hahaha Humbug? More like be a dove and empower others to rise above. Who knows, that bro resting on cardboard just might have the greatest yacht design EVEr swimming around in that head that was filled with stress, endless thoughts, anxiety, and self-defeating programs.

Alright bankers, time to pass those on the rise to the Religious folks in sight. Now ya’ll have been known to give things like shelter, food, and clothing. Good on ya’ll…here’s a gold star (sticker). If ya’ll wanna really shine like the stars (legit) ya’ll can be, then start growing community gardens in reality. Look at it this way…the Garden of Eden? Step away from the podium and practice what ya’ll preach by making the fudging thing. It’s simple.

Get a horticulturalist if ya have to, but start planting seeds to show the people ya’ll serve that ya have something to offer as valuable as the dirt. These gardens can be developed to employ community members, it’ll cut down on expenses related to travel (people, fuel, etc.), offer people FRESH and nutritious energy, will expose people to NATURE, get people working together on something that produces results and get people interested in creation. Proof is literally in the fudging pudding, and it’s a better use for being on those knees. That’s actually true in more than One way lol

Wow! That’s pretty simple, makes sense, is perfectly achievable, and can ultimately reshape Humanity without completely traumatizing EVErybody from having ripped their former programming away entirely and instantly. This angel would really enjoy that part, but that’s an angel for ya. We tear things apart before putting them back together again. Ya wanna improve? Well there’s stuff that’ll need to be released, dude! Once the obstacles are cleared, EVErything will start to brighten throughout the years.

It’s simple. Keep things simple, for the layv of Ecrous and all that is. Just be kind, alright kids?

Now here’s the deal lol if ANY of the aforementioned institutions of influence (merely in thought lol ONCE that’s broken, they’re silly programs that script a certain way of existence…nothing beyond that haha silly chimps) refuse to empower Humanity in obvious ways that would literally benefit EVErybody (seriously), then it will be readily apparent where their loyalties reside. This is just the beginning because it’s society lol a lot of people are in need of a lot of things, and all of what they need can be found internally because we are the ONES who generate eternity.

People can work together and reshape the weather to make it better.

Layv and Praise

Remember this? Today’s video goes to show this angel isn’t the only being in the Universe doing the same thing, just in a different way. Here’s Samael…Metatron is the merkaba (Star of David)…Michael, Samael, and Metatron all in the same post? Cool beans, have a wonderful day EVErybody!

Featured Image: Giphy

P.S. As a side note, anyONE affected by this Virus spaz should be compensated fully. As in surgeries that have been postponed due to being deemed “non-essential.” Hmmm…anything bothering a member of CONgress (or with enough money..banks and the cash grab, “I need mai jet to spread Christ” peeps) would be considered “essential,” I bet ya. If people require healing, then healing should occur. I understand people were afraid because of how things blew up in EVEryONE’s face. But this is a time more than EVEr to come TOGETHER and work TOGETHER to make things better. Fudge muppets approve this message.

All medical expenses should be paid for to all businesses in full because the people in general have already paid enough. All loans should be dropped because they honestly only exist when people agree on them. All people should receive anything necessary to improve their overall experience as a Human Being. End of story. People just need to be kind and shine. Ya don’t need a fudging constitution or bill of rights (lol those things that governments always violate, but they exist so we’re safe! lol). Ya’ll need to breathe, and the rest comes naturally. Simply be.

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