Jobs are Meaning(less)

What are we working for and towards?

Most people are educated from the start to attend “skewl,” where they sit in CLASS.
A, B, C, D, F are the grades kids are given to discover whether they’re excelling or lame. That F typically fills a kid with the feelings of shame!

The SATs and ACTs (lol)? Better ace those fast! Otherwise college and university will be more of a dream. Although most billionaires and millionaires made their fortunes without receiving a degree most would deem necessary in order to make them worthy in the eyes of those companies people run, as opposed to simply having fun.

So now that most have landed a job at this point (mainly out of fear of experiencing poverty throughout the year), those same folks will more than likely continue working while giving money for taxes, giving money for bills, and giving money for services (resources).

What are those resources?

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The same resources that are mostly inaccessible by most people based on how most people are currently existing, mostly speaking. Let’s put it simply…is it within reach beyond a man-made sink or grocery facility?

Dear reader, raise a hand if ya have access to a pure water source and a replenishing garden that can both supply the body with consistent nourishment, and more importantly the understanding that basic needs are always within reach.

This writer is betting that most people probably shop at grocery stores and other “convenient” stores. Well how convenient is it if shelves are
EMPTY: unavailable product like toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, CANNED VEGETABLES, WATER, etc.

How convenient is it if “convenient” stores are
CLOSED: looting, bankruptcy, disaster, etc.

The tap? Someone else supplies that, so there’s the potential for it being shut off in the worst case scenario. Nowadays some people complain because they distrust those who are supplying it, so ya…

Are we starting to see the picture? We all share the same CLASS, so our focus should be more on our collective ability to connect with the land through each other’s supporting hands.

Some people have a negative balance in their banking accounts, so they would technically find it difficult to acquire resources from a convenient store during regular hours of operation. But the individual who has thousands in the bank would also experience the same if the shelves and stores were cleared of anything that was typically gotten be paying.

Well EVEryONE pays when we all depend entirely on a societal construct which encourages people to stay indoors, consume, and allow other beings and ideas to direct the show for all those who call this place a home.

We are all in this TOGETHER, and we have the ability to make things BETTER.
Let’s work smart and release the slave mentality because the people in the following video spend around four hours EVEry seven days cultivating that which fills them with grace.

Layv and Praise!

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