Juggernaut (War on Consciousness)

Yeshua and Christianity are connected to magic mushrooms, but government turds will imprison people for using the same in any way. It totally makes sense to demonize something that could literally inspire people to be more like Christ! This is especially true when the people writing the laws hang out with people like Jeffery Epstein, or when CONgress is literally trying to pass a bill called H.R. 6666 that would give them the ability to INVADE HOMES for NATIONAL SECURITY…

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

EVEn Jesus Garcia of D-IL-4 supports bill 6666, but would he support a mushroom trip to expand human consciousness so people would understand what it means to truly connect with all other beings that stem from eternity? It’s hard to wanna press a knee into another’s neck when both understand they are truly brethren!

TL;DR – Psychedelics like Psilocybin Mushrooms can transform this entire experience for Humanity by expanding the consciousness which dwells within, and thus allowing men to realize they are all kin. It says volumes about an organization’s view on “life” when it justifies dropping mushrooms that rip bodies and families apart, but would also be willing to punish anyONE daring enough to USe a mushroom to blow apart their own consciousness to feel connected with the rest of creation.

There are multiple parts to this post that all relate to the topic at hand because there are many programs that will need to be addressed in order for any of this to make sense. It’s polarizing, so let’s jump in! Yeshua and shrooms…

Canterbury Psalter
Circa 1150 AD
Ancient Psychadelia
Vatican peeps in plain sight, Mario would definitely put up a fight!
Shroom bros

Psychedelics like Psilocybin are gateways to higher states of consciousness that allow One to unplug from what is considered a “matrix,” or a way of being that is highly constricting. For what purpose? To realize EVErything is ONE. So what we do to another, we do to ourselves. This simple understanding completely threatens governments and banks especially, but even religion as well actually.

Why? Because these institutions program people to see each other as separate and divided. In fact, the opposite is true since we are all black when we are placed in a darkened room.

For it is only when we are exposed to the rays of layt (light) that we truly shine in different hues since we are currently existing as Hu(mans), or colored peoples. ALL colors are beautiful, and EVEryONE has a different way of connecting with the Universe. Rest in power George Floyd. All judgement, shame, blame, and frustration aside, EVErything would simply be easier if people were consistently kind. What we see collectively on TV is a symptom of a greater imbalance within the greater whole.

EVEryONE is a flower, and should be treated as such. But where and when do we collectively hear this from the likes of government, banks, and religion? Some aspects of religion, sure. But overall?

Christianity taught this writer throughout his years of programming that all other religious and spiritual practices were evil, God was to be feared, and that shame and guilt were to be constantly felt for simply existing in a meat suit. Love thy neighbor was stuffed in there too…really confusing, and EVEn more so when the double message was compounded with alienation and bullying from the Christians this writer was exposed to throughout childhood. We all bring something to the dinner table…what do we cook up and would we serve it to ourselves?

School taught this writer that EVEryONE is different based on the grades they earn, and that higher credit courses appear better to outsiders since they push students more so than average classes. AnyONE who fails to excel in regurgitating a force-fed curriculum that EVEn constricts the manner in which teachers present information is then seen as an outsider who couldn’t keep up with the pack. The Church calls it excommunication. Economics calls it poverty.

Countries? Ours is the best because free dumb. Terrorism should keep EVErybody up at night while they’re PAYING (time, energy, focus) attention to American Idol, though! Why? Otherwise ya might notice Bush and Bin Laden were actually business friends lol but Bush left that fact out when 9/11 happened, and boy did this little fifth grader (at the time) feel compelled to act and sign up for war with traumatized adults in the wake of seeing planes being flown repeatedly into buildings. It’s really fucked up lmao and it gets really bizarre when ya look further into those things.

Banks? Expect to be a wage slave because ya weren’t given a rothschild name. Just be happy working and scraping constantly, okay? We’ll give out loans, but only to those we deem worthy. EVEn then, we’ll have EVEryONE pay more money than we loaned in order to make imaginary profit on something that was an illusion to begin with EVEn though ONE would be hard pressed to derive nourishment from the product we offer to them. This shit is insane!

The U.S. is literally us which is separated by the dots U.S. – the Leviathan’s natural expression is to divide energy and consciousness to fit a specific script, so it’s the United States – typically argue, fight, and debate – as opposed to US collectively speaking in relation to HUMANITY and the current state of our collective REALITY (aka that which is seen through our own screen as opposed to the TV). Other countries are just as responsible for fostering resentment among free range beings who are taught that paying for EVErything is more beneficial than taking care of themselves naturally.

This writer hears ya, Bill. Seriously though.
Growing up in US, this writer heard the constant message that “drugs are bad.” So much in fact, that a police offer literally came to visit grade school to promote the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program which demonized the very thought of using anything beyond television, pharmaceutical pills, vitamins, food, drinks, SUGAR, etc. to alter the state of ONE’s reality.

It’s really funny how cops are trained to place citizens into cages for using or dealing with materials that are considered unsanctioned by a program which determines how people experience reality, based on how people are thinking. Especially when that same program floods the streets with them. Aka most people hustling things like heroin in poverty stricken communities more than likely haven’t a clue where the field is to even grow the poppy seed to produce the thing some will seek because their pharmacy cut them off from acquiring addictive pain medication “legally.” What a joke!

These are all beings playing the role of a human by the way…we are much more, but we treat each other differently based on our mental programming (i.e. a being trained to enforce an agreed upon behavior would see a “drug” as something negative and punishable, while the being trained to associate the substance as something positive would more than likely see it as pleasurable and DARE I say BENEFICIAL).

But Sugar isn’t a drug! Drugs are bad, mmkay? They make people do stupid things, and it’s against the law to use them! Shame on anyONE who uses drugs because society would be better off without them.

Any parent who has given a child any amount of sugar will know this writer can go on typing without having to explain what it does to their kiddo. Dietetics on the other hand tells us that sugar has the ability to cause the body to either produce more or less insulin based on the individual, and how well their physical vessel operates. That insulin is the key to allowing sugar through the doorway of the cell membrane so our 33 trillion parts (on that level anyhow) can process the molecule glucose (sugar) into something usable like ATP (adenosine triphosphate…energy which is burned so muscles contract, heart pumps, lungs expand, etc. VITAL FUNCTIONS so ya’ll can work those “important” jobs).

On the flip side, sugar can ravage the body by causing it to eventually produce too little or too much insulin. Quantity over quality = body works sloppily (type 2), while too little or EVEn nONE leads to the development of what is known as type 1 Diabetes. Sugar hangs out in the blood and the cells ignore it entirely, or barely process it to the point the body begins suffering. To what degree?

Obesity, limb amputation, organ failure, and even death (really just passing…get it lol it’s like passing a test cause holy fudge muppets classroom Earth is harsh with all of these clicks and kids running the script) in the most extreme cases. By all means, enjoy that high fructose lased buffet of processed garbage. Those companies applaud ya’ll for making them monetarily rich by turning ya’ll physically sick because then ya’ll can turn to the pharmacy for all that medication. Side effects may include…just sayin!

We literally imprison ourselves for using substances that can ravage the body, but it seems kind of ridiculous when sugar is portrayed so bluntly. Especially since society puts it in EVErything. So we pick and choose what’s good and what’s bad, and more times than not people refuse to EVEn question a narrative given to them by institutions that are obviously insane. Now are heroin and sugar on the same lEVEl? They have different reactions in the body, although both can kill a person if consumed to the point vital functions begin to shut down.

For those wondering why heroin is being compared when mushrooms were first introduced, the reason is simple because a government (group of similar minded thugs) claims that psychedelics like Psilocybin Mushrooms are just as lethal and absent of any medicinal purposes as heroin. Schedule 1 drug is what a government will call it, and those listed substances are all considered worse than meth. EVEryONE has their view of these things, so let’s use EMPATHY to gain understanding since society is currently trained to blame and shame those who step outside of ONE way of being.

This writer once asked a guy why he had used heroin multiple times, and that guy simply replied “because it took away all of the pain I bear inside.” Makes sense considering it’s an opiate, or a pain killer. It really shows how inverted society is when people are willing to take such drastic measures to feel okay, and it really begs the question of whether or not people are receiving that which they truly need? Why? Someone with a sound frame of thought and feeling would find it enjoyable simply to breathe, yet EVEryONE is using something to get through their morning, afternoon, and EVE.

This writer has used the usual trends: television, books, magazines, video games, movies, songs, food, and drinks to stimulate his consciousness throughout the years. Eventually this writer started experimenting with psychedelics because Ron Paul (a politician lol) was incredibly outspoken regarding the War on Drugs (War on Consciousness). Each offered a different experience, and we’ll get into those later because this is already an incredibly long post. There’s a lot to cover…so for now let’s discuss the first Mushroom trip this writer took when he was entering the roaring twenties.

So this writer was pretty dense when it came to women. Still kind of there (ha) but much further along now, thankfully (honesty is gucci). Well this writer went on a date with a gal after years of estrangement, and then we ended up meeting for a second date at her place. Obviously things were going well since we spent the EVEning cooking, dining, drinking, talking, laughing, playing video games, being close, and eventually she motioned for this writer to follow her to bed.

We then did just that, although we simply snuggled and watched Wayne’s World until we decided to rest. She then turned to whisper in this writer’s ear that she wanted him to kiss her, and he did so softly on her lips as they both smiled a bit while she wrapped her arms around him. She then said “I’m afraid you’ll leave because you went missing in the past.”

He then replied “but I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere.” (we were co-workers…mutual attraction…she was dating already…this writer respected…she was devastated when he cheated on her, called this writer for support, she drove to her parents…we spoke a few times…this writer gave her space…we bumped into each other later before going on first date)

The next day came and we both got dressed to greet the Sun as we both continued smiling before this writer sent the woman on her way, wishing her well throughout the day. This writer then updated his facebook relationship status to include this woman, and that’s when she pulled a 180 and ditched this writer entirely. This writer tried talking, but she was off and felt it was better to pull away rather than explain. So this writer took a few mushrooms to jump right into a rabbit hole that he never would have jumped into had he known what those shrooms were gonna do (especially since he felt like poo…environment – internal/external are key factors that influence any experience – shrooms or none).

Aaron felt like crap, and for the first 10-20 minutes all of that only intensified as the feeling of simply wishing to curl up and die overwhelmed his senses and filled him with fright. Then the shrooms really started to activate, and at this point he was surrounded by dark figures on all sides of his bed.

Aaron began wondering “what the fuck have I done, and how do I fix this!?” So he closed his eyes to escape for his “life,” and he found himself gazing upon a spiraling tower that extended infinitely in both directions as snakes and worms covered it completely.

Aaron then stared in awe until he witnessed a group of blackened figures covered in tar, wreathing and writhing as their cries traveled far.

“Why are you in such pain?” He asked telepathically.

“We are your pain you have yet to claim, and thus we cry out in agony and move with strain as you can clearly see!” One of the beings responded empathically, tar sliding as they slipped to struggle and catch their grip collectively.

Aaron then instinctively responded by hugging all of them as he claimed aloud, “I’m thankful to know you! Thank you all for being here with me, even though I would prefer something different in all honesty. Regardless, I still have you all and thus I’m thankful!” Each of the beings then released their suffering as another entered the realm to thank the One personally for taking responsibility for that which he created in reality. Aaron then looked on with amazement as a being who appeared much like the Alien Queen began communicating with him directly.

“You were suffering because you were reluctant to accept the reality of things, and thus you were swimming against the current essentially. For most are fearful of the darkness in things, those feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and hate that drive most Humans to separate. From what? Themselves prior to becoming numb to all else, although these are indications something must be balanced in order for a Human to truly fill their chalice. Of what exactly? Love to put it simply. Thank you for embracing us, my child. We are your Dark Mother sent to empower our dear flower.” She said in a sense, right before it all blew up again!

Dashes of violet and blue hues surrounded Aaron, who knew internally things were going more smoothly and thankfully too since he began seeing himself and all else as a wave of energy vibrating within an endless sea of gelatinous beings. Yet most importantly, Aaron could finally see the interconnected threads attaching EVErything.

Giphy – Jellyfish are sea mushrooms lmao

Aaron then slipped back into the space he originally called reality, although by now he was feeling incredibly elated knowing that he had made it through his emotional pain. And when he called her again to explain, the woman simply didn’t experience the same. So Aaron came to understand that we all must choose where we walk upon the land, and this is also true for that which we explore within the deepest roots of what is considered a “man.”

Psychedelics like Psilocybin Mushrooms can transform this entire experience for Humanity by expanding the consciousness which dwells within, and thus allowing men to realize they are all kin. Aaron’s first trip was certainly dark and terrifying, but it allowed him to face that which would have further divided him. He could have blamed women, culture, expectations, miscommunication, etc. But instead he was forced to go within, and thus he sees EVEry person as kin EVEn though we all may have different backgrounds or shades of skin.

It says a lot about our society when people are taught in so many ways how we should divide and dispel, while the same intelligent body would actively penalize anyONE for wanting to experience that ultimate connection among that which appears separate.

We are all ONE. EVEn that desk in front of some of ya is made of the same things as our own body, but do we go out of our way to trash our desk? Typically we maintain it like a nest, so let’s stop putting our knees into each other’s necks to develop something that will actually compliment our ability to draw breath!

Let’s shed anything that divides us because we are all beautiful and deserve to be respected, regardless of how we appear. Psychedelics are certainly ONE of those tools and pathways that can heal our collective fear, and it would behoove US to USe them collectively and respectfully throughout our years. If none of that made sense, look at it this way.

It says volumes about an organization’s view on “life” when it justifies dropping mushrooms that rip bodies and families apart, but would also be willing to punish anyONE daring enough to USe a mushroom to blow apart their own consciousness to feel connected with the rest of creation.

More to come.

Layv and Praise!

Check out today’s video introducing the documentary Neurons to Nirvana. Great show…

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