First World Problems

It’s been a while because this writer has been struggling to smile, but thankfully this energy is balancing after having faced a plethora of stress throughout our dealings that are steadily being laid to rest.

Now first world problems are considered minor in relation to the buffet available to Human beings in terms of agony, misery, and those sorts of things while thinking we are the problems we create, rather than the creators able to solve anything we face.

What a change.

Seriously because this story is about getting change to finish a load of laundry that was started at three in the morning since this writer figured he’d get an early start to his day. Ya know…something others might consider insane, but that’s okay because this writer enjoys being awake when others prefer being asleep in relation to their authenticity.

Long story short, the bill converter was out of change much like the very entity that produces the same.

So this writer decided to venture into the beyond to a gas station just on the horizon, although he hadn’t considered the station he found himself was planted right on the threshold of an economic ghetto.

This writer just desired some coin to dry that which conceals his loins, so the location didn’t even connect at first because all of these locations share the same Earth. But then it hit this writer after he started picking up trash in his black shirt, gray swim trunks, flip flops, and pale skin with a newly shaved face and head, that others began to take notice of him.

A car stopped nearby before the writer realized he should just go inside and and set things right in his three AM “life.” So he held the door open for a taller man with much darker skin, and this man said nothing but simply stared at the writer who was saying hi with a nod of his head.

The writer then stepped inside to find a clerk shielded by a masquerade of advertising, product, and a bullet proof glass surround with a small opening to exchange our vows. The clerk then gave a smile before agreeing to assist while mentioning he needed to get the hell out of there quick. At this moment the former gentleman who exited then manifested again to share his presence.

He then threw a box of cigarettes towards the clerk, even though the writer was first in line. However the writer simply remained still and acted very calmly before the man apologized and pointed something out about this writer’s “life.”

“You shao!” The man said behind this writer’s back.

At this point the writer had already felt anxious about the situation, and there was a feeling of being sized up or provoked in a way that was indirect enough to redirect blame. But this writer always has the intention of sharing space since we’re all made of the same things, and thus he had already cleared the space energetically to smooth things from behind the scenes. Now he felt the need to respond to the man beckoning his attention currently, and he slowly turned before saying “huh?”

“You swole!” The man repeated with a slight smile.

“Oh thank you! It’s my job actually, pushing boxes at a big box store five days beefs me up practically.” The writer responded with gleeful ease before demonstrating a squat to keep the conversation going.

The man then spoke about his own training as the writer noticed the clerk’s hands shaking while handling the change to count it out plainly prior to handing it to the writer entirely. This writer then noticed a sign discussing the change shortage hindering (lol) the overall ability for the money changers to maintain their ponzy skeem. We all then parted ways before this writer booked it home to finish his stupid laundry while shouting “I’m so thankful that worked out.”

In summation: WTF Humanity?

This writer literally spends time, attention, and energy working to earn electronic dollars, which are then converted to paper, which are then converted into coin, which are then placed in slots to clean fabric that is apparently necessary for people to function in environments where they can earn those electronic dollars, which are also directed in so many different ways that people have to continuously work or draw money…blah blah blah!

Talk about placing obstacles in the way of simply being. It’s laundry, folks. Could ya’ll possibly complicate that process anymore? Soap and water typically do the trick with some added movement, but wow. Just wow.

AND this writer felt really awkward around people who look different, but are made of the same because most people see surface details and little beyond that in reality. Some guys give that vibe of feeling the need to prove they have a bigger dick, and its ridiculous because we all exist and thus we are all gifts since we are present.

Really glad it worked out, and I’m really glad things can improve for EVEryONE.

Just be and release the desire to play monopoly constantly, okay Humanity?

Layv and Praise.

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