The System (layv train)

Let’s rest for a sec because the Leviathan is a heavy subject, and I understand it can be unnerving to be met with information that can literally hit close to home. Why? Well One’s home is the shell One wears while experiencing the eternal out there.

Here’s the TL;DR version of what this writer is about to share:

The (only) System in existence is God, Source, Ecrous, the Universe, the Multi-Verse. Whatever the favor One wishes to label it as, but we all exist…so there’s that.

It simply is, and we exist as a part of it. Regardless of what One wants to call it!

The monetary system? Government? Religions? Well those are all subsystems of a much GREATER system. Ya know, THE system. But it’s interesting how the aforementioned institutions have traumatized humanity so much throughout the ages since their original incarnation, and so much so to the point people regularly say and think “F the man and F the system!”

Layv the Man and Praise the System, for system can be broken down into Sy-stem. Or Sea – stem (that which stems from eternity).

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So ya, Om is at the center of hOme and likewise El (1/72 names of God in Hebrew) is at the center of hEll. Either way One is gonna find an expression of the creator. Now just who might that be?

All of us, silly!


We create things a lot of things.

I mean, that kinda goes without saying…

We create a lot of problems, issues, and by golly we even have the means to resolve those things by creating other things called practical solutions that result from consciously existing within the shell One temporarily occupies since that makes sense am I right? I am.

But the body is sinful! Some of ya’ll might say. Sigh. Okay, if that’s how One wishes to perceive that which they always carry, then by all means. Ya’ll exist and therefore ya’ll are gifts, end the argument because I layv (love) ya kid.


Here’s another perspective. The body is a temple because One’s head literally is comprised of sections called the temples, or even the temporal lobes.

Everyone is their own kingdom because everyone’s head is dome-shaped, and what do ya know but that also happens to be where crowns go!

Even Yeshua claimed the kingdom of God is within all men (still in the term women, so yes that’s means ladies are included…we support each other to exist), not a group but ALL.


Because that’s what THE SYSTEM truly is in ALL honesty, isn’t it? It’s more than reasonable to admit that governments, banks, religions, or any cultural corporate conglomerate for that matter ALL belong to a much GREATER whole.

We ALL do.

What One calls that system is up to them. Some call it God, Source, Ecrous, the Universe, etc. Others say it is what it is. Everyone has a different way of connecting with it, but the fact remains that we all exist within it. Regardless of what One wishes to call it.

We exist.

So let’s make the best of it? It just makes sense to take care of ourselves because then we’ll be better suited to care for the collective as well. It’s called the Golden Rule of doing onto others as One would have others do unto them. Ya know, what goes around comes around?


How we accomplish this is truly up to us because that’s the greatest gift given to us. The ability to choose whatever we want. Resist or surrender to All that is because regardless of the path One takes, All that is totally accepts the part’s experience. One cannot resist that which totally accepts every aspect of One’s being.

Why else would there be such diversity throughout eternity? It’s pretty simply in all honesty, but human beings have been complicating things for quite some time due to their programming.

Each and every One of us is beautiful, powerful, extraordinary, and this writer has faith we’ll be able to continue expanding towards manifesting a renewed sense of glory. How? By writing a whole new story. One in which everyone and everything has the ability to explore the inner aspects of their being, for there in dwells the crown of One’s King or Queen.


F the man? F the system?

Ya’ll literally be cursing humans and Source in general. So that saying of ya reap what ya sew? Ya…this illusion of civilization propagated by those who take power from others through domination, and the others who willingly offer their power must change in order to consciously to expand as a whole.

Everyone poops and pees here on the land. We are all indigenous to the planet Earth.
Gaia – Guy Ah – Gaw Da – God

Ditch the subsystem that siphons energy from everything and everybody with complete disregard for the well-being of conscious beings, and we’ll indeed fill this entire space with bountiful grace.


Embrace All that is because there’s plenty of it, and it’s in One’s chest.

Place a finger on One’s chest and say the word “Soul.”

Now point to other places of the body and say “Soul.”

Know the difference in feeling, and take time to feel it because we are more than our thoughts.

Layv and Praise!


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