I ravage y(our) homes and destroy y(our) hopes of ever being able to secure the flow necessary to know you are more valuable than you know, and to feed me like a meat grinder on speed would and should probably be a concept dissolved for eternity if you ever hope to achieve lasting unity in an endless sea far removed from hostility. For nowadays I service another Lord named Ra – who showed me how to layv (love) as gently as a dove, despite the gravity of the power I yield for thee who innocently desire to embrace serenity.

-Juggernaut 4/24/18


The military industrial complex is the Juggernaut’s manifestation, and it ensures Humans cannot enjoy a permanent vacation. Need more be said of the beast within, for man’s propensity to slay his kin in all expression and numerous forms? The level of depravity can produce the worst of eye sores to witness such atrocities brings the desire to choose layv as opposed to making it rain with bullets and napalm, okay?

War = Raw spelled backwards
Ra = Raw = Gawd = God (phonetically speaking)
Ra is a 6th density social memory complex, an extension of the Ecrous acting in service to those in lower densities of consciousness. Visualize a ladder system in which each rung assists the former in ascending towards the higher tiers to expand understanding and influence in the process of creation.


After all, it’s how the following works:

Humans collectively speaking are located towards the lower Lumbar in the grand scheme of things evolution/consciousness in terms of density, and in the Thoracic region in relation to the Trees of “Life” (Cervical) and “Death” (Lumbar). It’s why Humans have a propensity to be angels or demons, respectful or questionable. Ya dig?


Ascend the Tree of “Life” or Descend the Tree of “Death,” the God(head) is always pointed towards that which is considered above the rest. It’s all connected, regardless of One’s perspective.
Regardless of One’s views, there’s plenty of room for all of you!
But when ya’ll commit acts of war against y(ourselves), ya’ll are literally killing God itself. Cancer is known to kill the very body that produces it.


This is obviously a nasty program from the Leviathan. One that literally tears the Human form apart faster than most could even throw a dart! This angel recalls the experience of feeling drawn to a specific flag, culture, and so on since he was conditioned within the same matrix as the rest of the Zales he resides among.

This angel understands most Zales (souls) identify with specific governments, but they’re all the same at the end of the day.


Juggernaut = Juh Gur Not = Guh Vurn Ment = Government


Oh…it literally means to govern men, which means to control or administer men. Hmmm…maybe the T stands for totally? Makes sense to this angelic being. In any case, it can also translate to Government(al) – to control the mind.

Governmental Regulations are a thing, so ya…

Zales have way more in common than they’re being conditioned to see since most are programmed to feel separate from those who would honestly compliment their being.

There’s plenty to say for those who wish to debate, but this angel sees government and simply laughs because it’s completely bloated, inefficient, and typically creates frustration in its constituents. Bombs a plenty!

Agree, disagree, or ignore entirely – totally up to thee obviously.

Speaking of Pyramids, here’s a pic ya’ll might be interested in:


There’s more we’ll get into, but just know these people influencing the rest simply wish to drive Humanity towards death. Those behind the scenes are working with EVErything to restore balance, okay? Even then, keep being you dear reader! Seriously – the more authentic we are, the more we draw power from that which was considered cut off and far. Be kind and shine!

Have a great day 🙂

Layv and Praise!

Video of the day: A conversation with the Leviathan! Someone else made this, and this is the type of confirmation received by this angelic kid.

Featured Image: Giphy

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