Juggernaut: War on Poverty

Call this writer crazy because at this point it’s a compliment, baby! Agree, disagree, mixed energies, all okay. The manner in which people exist literally sucks beyond any sense of reason, or another way of putting it:

Disparity resulting from the perpetuation of scarcity associated with the limiting monetary legality mentality is completely unnecessary. Just like this ^ sentence…

People having access to million dollar toy castles are perfectly okay for wanting to enjoy that experience, but what in the actual fuck does it say about a species that willing allows entire families to exist among rotting corpses in the same space and time frame?

To put it simply, a lot of people THINK money is necessary for Humanity to breathe in reality. But lungs do that naturally already, and the body is set up so that it can exchange prana readily.

So what is the justification for allowing children to dance on bones because that’s what they currently have for a “home?”

What is the reason for allowing people to exist so lavishly, while others exist in such disparity?

Comment below if ya know!

For those who legit THINK this is okay because humans are separate in more than ONE way, look at it this way. If someONE farts next to ya, it will affect ya all the same regardless of how much money ya have in the bank. Silly ape…

All of us were birthed or born at some point along the line, and it all makes sense when ya really look at the words.

Birth = B irth, or Be Earth
Born = B orn(ate) or B orn(ament)
I.e. being from the Earth, in a state of complex delicacy…a mutha layvin baby, ya know what I mean?

We are all made of the same things. We all poop and pee equally. But when people claim to be better than others to the point people are really paying, that’s what the Universe calls the very definition of insane because you’re all a part of the same being. So if the hands neglect to treat the wounds on One’s neck or foot, the issue will eventually bring the whole being down in its entirety.

Be kind and compassionate always.

Layv and Praise!

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