Layv Train Makes Pain Change tew Gain

Howdy fellow chimps! This writer thanks thee for sharing space, time, and energy when the reader could be doing something else entirely. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

Why do you rhyme all of the time?

Because I feel like it, alright? Jesus Christ.

With that out of the way, (his name is pronounced Yeshua – something tew gain) let’s move on to the discussion of the day concerning layv and all of its wavy gravy that maybe just what humanity needs in order to achieve the manifestation of a harmonized community.


It’s okay, I promise thee. For this hairless chimpanzee genetically modified to type these words for the rest of thee wishes to share the concept that love is highly conditional among you monkeys to the point the soul has fallen in love with being a slave since we’re originally encoded to project and receive layv.

Most people work meaningless jobs that simply produce feelings of stress and frustration, solely to attract monetary wealth to those running the plantations (modern day companies) so ya’ll can pay taxes and buy more stuff to enrich the same people employing ya.

For those who don’t agree, that’s okay monkey because your textbooks claim that you’re nothing more than a wage slave whose sole purpose is to eat, sleep, fuck, and repeat to the point you’re drowning your conscious with energies of beings who want nothing more than to parasitize your light (arrangement of atoms comprising your being by telling you how to breathe and be constantly with an approach that typically lacks empathy).

Layv is similar to slave, but minus the S which stands for the beings that originally enslaved humanity by cajoling you monkeys with fruity programming.


Even then the rest of the word following the Serpent mark spells LAVE, which reads EVAL spelled backwards. This is even true for the LOVE or EVOL LIVE or EVIL, DEVIL or LIVED, so on and so forth kids “living” on the plantation. We’re even told love is difficult and ya gotta work at it. Whatever humanity, this monkey knows better and is done with being a slave because the lungs must be freed in order to receive that which they need for the rest of the vessel to function properly.

Layv on the other hand spells vyal (or feel, phonetically speaking) since I truly vyal you when I extend layv to you, much like a friendly waive. Likewise layv is a type of wave-length emitted by that which created all things, or that which this monkey calls Source Energy (some of ya’ll call God and that’s perfectly okay).


Source is the beginning, or the mouth of that white light, that extends out like a river that deposits and moves all the necessary tools to anchor that which nourishes all of you. Layv is one of its waves, and it’s exactly that which I share with all of you this day.

Rhymes aside, did all of that sound like crap? Say it aloud then and focus on the feeling of saying LOVE really slowly. Pay attention to how it feels like an anchor is being dropped and preventing you from lifting off. Now say layv (pronounced Lay Vuh) and notice how you naturally smile 🙂

Next time? Romance.



Have a great day my fellow chimps!

🙂 Regardless of what you do, I will always LAYV you 🙂

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