Juggernaut (Project Paperclip)

George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

– The Guardian

I did Nazi that coming…


This angel did, so get used to it.

What’s up EVErybody?! Best and greatest wishes to all of thee throughout eternity as we collectively expand and grow consciously. Thank ya’ll for sharing time, presence, and energy with this angel currently because this writer knows ya’ll could be focused on something else entirely.

Especially when Nazism is the subject matter, but we’ll make it funny since government is a joke in all honesty. But they killed people! Ya, well so have a lot of other governments too. Humans run these machines that commit genocide…that’s the truth. Ya’ll can blame a devil (there are many manifestations, but One that goes unnoticed is the notion of defying an authority).

Especially in the case of having Humans carted off to be killed systematically. The form of government the Nazis utilized was Draconian in nature (meaning harsh), by the way. Just saying because the Dracos heavily influenced Nazi Germany in more way than One. In fact, the Draco Empire was modeled around similar ideals.

We were superior to all other beings, for we arose from the ashes of our infancy. Having been abandoned by our Mothers – much like the reptiles of your own world – we sought to survive before we understood how to thrive. So it only makes sense we would prefer the best while others were built to submit to our own creative hardships.


“Life isn’t fair. Life is hard. Blah, blah, blah.” Thanks Leviathan! Silly program. See how One way of being translated into another form? EVErything is connected, just sayin…

Translation: The Nazis saw themselves as the victims of economic and political hardship following the first World War, and thus felt abandoned by their European neighbors and the world in general. This pain was then used as a catalyst to then rebuild Germans into the Übermensch (supermen), by rediscovering their inner ability to overcome adversity prior to ascending to Valhalla essentially. Once achieved (perceived), the society would then act as a single unit to test and cleanse all those who were birthed beyond them.


Thanks JC. In any case, the Nazis worshiped the Sun because that’s what the Swastika represents.



The word of Swastika in Sanskrit is composed of two words,  “Su” (good) and “Asati” (to exists) which means “May good prevail.”

World Scouting Museum

Lots of peoples from the Human experience have utilized the swastika because it simply makes sense, but it’s ironic how people nowadays mostly see it negatively since One group decided to use it. All symbols can be beautiful and empowering…all in perspective. Flags are really pretty, but it becomes problematic when people start killing each other over them.

The higher up Nazis were also into the idea that the Aryan descended from beyond the Earth herself, and thus the concept of Aryan being associated with Ares detailed a story in which Humans were driven here from another place. Why? To escape that which nearly drove man extinct because the Universe can be a hostile place. After all, stomach acid can eat through paint. Ya’ll are made of the same things…

So this leads us into the FACT the Nazis were obsessed with developing anything and EVErything that could dominate others, and this would have been accomplished partially through the military machine by constructing the Wunder Waffen (Wonder Weapons). Those guys were literally working on night vision tech, precision guided missiles, 1,000 ton tanks, jet-propelled fighters, saucer-shaped craft, and even a Sun Gun to direct the Sun’s rays towards a specific point on the Earth.



Express – Nazi Bell Anti-Gravity Program


On Wernher von Braun’s Nazi past

He is a great example, because you wonder where the deal with the devil really happened in terms of his whitewashed past — because the U.S. government, NASA in particular, was so complicit in keeping his past hidden.

In doing the research, one discovers that not only was von Braun a Nazi, but a member of the SS. And not only was he running the underground slave labor facility where his rockets were being built…when they were running low of good technicians, Wernher von Braun himself traveled nearby to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where he hand-picked slaves to work for him as laborers.


Hey bro, got the sweats? Doesn’t look good to have all that on a track record, does it? Especially for someone to have personally taken part in the abuse of others, only to have been given a padded position in a seat of influence. G – haven’t seen that before, have we folks?


Leviathan on the doors lol silly program! And many more of course…

Sigh. The term Elite by the way is etile (Itlay – Rome), so that should tell ya EVErything ya need to know in terms of the mentality. Draco…cough, cough. Back to Nazis! Here’s a few more things, and then we’ll call it a day.

At the German concentration camps of SachsenhausenDachauNatzweilerBuchenwald, and Neuengamme, scientists used camp inmates to test immunization compounds and antibodies for the prevention and treatment of contagious diseases, including malaria, typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, yellow fever, and infectious hepatitis.

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Immunization compounds…i.e. vaccines. Interesting. Thanks Kurt Blome! Now some of ya’ll are rolling the eyes while thinking this writer is an “anti…whatever.” Nah. People require vaccines for disease when they’ve been existing so unnaturally that the body is unable to perform effectively, coupled with the fact most people have been dis-empowered to “think” they need to rely on outer materials to stimulate regeneration. The opposite is also true because the body knows what it’s doing.

Look at it this way lol Tylenol will only work on a body that’s working. A corpse will react differently if ya try to administer a dose of any kind…


Thanks for lookin out, bro! It’s pretty simple, as all things should be in all honesty. Let’s move onto a topic even more polarizing because society isn’t carved up enough. (sarcasm)


It’s in ya tap water, it’s in ya processed drinks, it’s in ya paste ya use to brush ya teeth, and ya…people go nuts over this One. This angel personally chooses to abstain from partaking of the fruit the US government says is perfectly okay to add to ya soup. None of these guys are Yeshua, Krishna, Buddha, or any other ascended master who sought to bridge people together. That’s all this angel is sayin…

Discover Your Aura

Speaking of, Flouride is known to harden (calcify) the pineal gland in Humans. This gland releases DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), or the Spirit/God molecule. Dear reader, have ya ever dreamed? You literally took a psychedelic trip induced by the compound DMT – that which is found so often in nature that scientists stopped asking where is it and started asking where is it not found?

It’s something that comprises literally EVErything, and it’s One of the most illicit substances according to the government. Joke! They know if people started using psychedelics, society would start functioning properly because people would recognize how they’re truly connected to all things. Nations would literally disintegrate lmao that’s what happens when God runs the show…Banks? Aint no thang cuz they’re insane!


 Now what’s really interesting is the notion that Flouride was used in Nazi-ran concentration camps to make the prisoners more docile and complacent in accepting their Hellish conditions. People will stress that it improves the appearance of teeth. This angel uses flouride-free tooth paste with the basic/cheapo floss handle things, and this angel’s teeth look great. If ya wanna use it, use it.

This angel gets right into it, so let’s step away from the bush and talk face to face about the perspective this writer truly carries. If it resonates, great. If not, that’s also okay. This angel is simply being a messenger and sharing, okie dokie?

Most Humans (energetic beings of consciousness who identify as Human, but the time of remembering their origins is here and now) in civilized nations are regularly exposed to numerous things that influence their ability to interact with reality.


Processed foods, genetically modified foods, electronics (frequency emitted from towers/devices), sound (most songs 440 hz while Earth or Gaia is 432 hz, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, entertainment (television, video games, books, magazines, etc.), language (the words we share with ourselves and each other…like Hell(o)…oh), and more things people are definitely unfamiliar with, all compile together to essentially overwhelm the body’s natural ability to function.

Even the term Healthy phonetically speaking = Hell thee when sounded out. Broken down it can read as Heal + Thy self. But ya, ya’ll wanna be wealthy because that means ya’ll are in a state of well(ness).

This in turn locks the Zale (soul) or expression of consciousness within a body that is distorted, and thus the ability for the Zale to make sense of its experience is also altered. Is this good or bad? Neither in all honesty. It’s called a way of being, and One in which the Leviathan and its kin would prefer to offer to Humanity in order to make them easier to enslave. Governmen(t) is here to control the flow of resources, and people are seen as a resource. So ya…

Is this angel suggesting the US is like Nazi Germany? Nah, but the US also had sterilization programs (Germany actually got their eugenics program ideas from US lol)


Call it what ya want, but in a nutshell Nazi Germany was experimenting on people and technology to further their interests. The US is doing the exact same thing in its own way, okay? Notice how it’s neither labeled as good or bad. Governments are things that exist outside of people, and they actively take steps to shape those same people. These are views. Just know this at the very least:

Dear Reader, you are wonderful just as you are. This angel wouldn’t change a thing because you truly are amazing. Just know that, okay? Please have a wonderful day, and keep being you always. By the way, notice how this psychopathic subsystem has to work so hard to confuse and program people to do its work?

God, Ecruos, Source, the Universe, Mutli-Verse, etc., simply exists, and we exist as a part of it. Hmmm…seems fairly simple. Ya’ll just need to breathe and EVErything else will come naturally, but more importantly: ya’ll are so powerful, it terrifies the crap out of those who’d layv to keep ya’ll in a state of fear since it gives them the illusion of having power over others throughout their fleeting years.

Layv and Praise!

Here’s a Tool video to display how people have typically behaved. People are capable of so much more, and as always there’s plenty more in store!

Featured Image: Tenor

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