Angels are Angles

Labels honestly mean something at some point along ONE’s journey in understanding how they relate to EVErything, but at this point they mean little to the monkey sharing this openly. So words like demons and angels can be understood in terms of things with horns vs. things with wings. That’s kindergarten level in all honesty…

Angels are universal Angles. Sacred geometry coupled with fractal patterns, linking and dissecting expressions of consciousness into states of being. I.e. birth and death, or returning a pissed off entity to a state of balance and harmony when it was originally ravaging anything from a single atom to an entire society or multi-cellular being. Angel can also be broken down into An – Gel (ain + gel) because angels typically aid those in pain to raise the being into a state of gain on the 3d plane (gelling or anchoring the change into place).

Humans get so caught up in their perception of what is “right,” so let’s simplify.

EVErything in reality is comprised of a series of lines that run both parallel and cross at certain points. The hairs on ONE’s body, the numbers comprising parts of binary, the flow of water streaming in the same Earthly vein as the blood coursing within a human being, the angles of desks monkeys feel are necessary EVEn though they have society stressing instead of spending time with their families, the lines of bark and branches extending from a single trunk, and ya’ll should get the point by now.

Regardless of the label Humans wish to give this place, it all boils down to a series of ONEs at the end of the day.


People complicate the fuck out of things in this reality because it suits their ego’s need to identify with a certain thing or way of being to feel purposeful in the grand scheme of things. Father and Mother, forgive them for they know not what they do. Stop killing each other over lines because it gets messy when any bit is neglected in all honesty. Well to put it simply, EVErything is a gift because it all exists. OKAY?!

Be kind and compassionate because it’s all being generated by a single strand.
Seriously, MAN.

Have a great day, EVErybody!

Layv and Praise!

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