Monkey Munnee

This writer wouldn’t change a thing about the reader since the reader knows what is best for the reader. This writer is openly sharing, even though it may be considered daring. Enjoy!

Today is a picture post because this monkey is finished with this pathetic joke of a psychopathic subsystem, whose existence is as necessary as force feeding Sea Urchins Ben and Jerry’s flavored cream.


Now for those of you wondering just how in the Hell One could even accomplish such a feat of feeding something beneath the waves something that came from a frozen space, this monkey in turn asks just how in the Hell all of my fellow hairless apes have tolerated a constricting way of being for so long in reality?

Especially considering how ya’ll can create anything in any space as long as ya’ll know and understand how to connect with the authenticity and pureness within everyOne’s being. Ya know what I mean, jelly bean?

Picture Thyme

Cause the monkey said so, that’s why.

Munnee – form of currency (current sea). Cash flow, cash reservoir, (river) bank, liquidated assets…is it starting to make sense? Money is like the water that comprises da boday, and it comes and goes because it constantly flows. Depending on what and who ya know…doe!
Leviathan – SEA Serpent, Serpent Scale, Octahedron, means to pull humans apart, uses guilt and shame to cause One to shrink away and feel a pull in their chest and stomach influenced by hormones set to release via human programming. Same symbol in EKG. Life = efiL or Levi = iveL. (summary – check out postings listed at top of site for more detail).
Ouroborus – Ancient symbol of the Serpent eating its own tail (cyclical patterns or systems). The top is expansive and has access to plenty (foliage = fertility and abundance), while the bottom is shrunken, constrictive, doesn’t even have a full 360 degree cycle, and is literally feeding the top portion via energy in the form of DNA. In terms of what most people consider “elite,” where do you think/FEEL a majority of people would be placed?
Here we have a similar thing, but this shield thing protects and defends the other thing from being dismantled physically. Because it’s difficult to move a tank, unless of course One knows what they’re doing in terms of not even needing such a silly thing in the first place.
Back of Munnee
Snake Fangs on top for both sides. It’s a binding contract, right? Money and banks would surely never BITE anyOne who’d be silly enough to be indebted to something completely made up and force served into every being who manages to enter this reality in the shell of that which is considered human by many.
Snake Fangs on the bottom too, cause this anaconda only want sum if ya’ll got da bunz. They’re on the opposite side too…we were thorough, that’s the truth.
Rattlesnake Tail (One on the opposite side attached to the Eagle) producing a wave-length (sustained frequency or pattern which alters reality) which maintains the presence of the Monetary system. Even the $ symbol is a snake curving around a vertebral column (spinal cord which serves so One can function)…and of course the Leviathan is ever present.
There’s that wave emitted from the Rattlesnake Tail, and there’s another tail poking out towards the center of the bill.
Munnee Center is a representation of Source, God, Ecrous, the Universe, the Multi-Verse, Existence, whatever ya wanna call it. One = us which comes from 0, or that which precedes the number 1 of being which stems from n + e = 14 (1 + 4 = 5) + 5 = 10 (1+0 = 1 again). It’s the reincarnation cycle, folks.
Oh look everyOne, it’s that thing a lot of people typically roll their eyes at because reasons. Well the only thing this monkey will say today about said thing is that it’s a pyramid, and the Leviathan is an octahedron.

Featured Image: Giphy

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