Dreadnought (Psychosphere)

We are all young in the eyes of the Sun, and this is especially true to the One above (which is really just a higher expression of One’s consciousness that dwells within their being already, beckoning to be released to empower One to transmutate the bond of slavery).

How old is he? 12 months. That’s a baby…
How old is he? 87 and booming! You’re still a baby cuz the Universe is way older, know what I’m sayin? Age is meaningless when any part of the Universe is suffering, okay kids? Ya’ll literally empower a system that has taken jobs away, yet still expects people to pay.

That should tell the reader EVErything.


Freedom: cuz ya gotta be dumb to be “free.”

What’s up, EVErybody?

Today’s post is the last covering this Dreadnought (at least for the time being) because there are at least two other programs we’ll have to cover prior to getting into the really juicy stuff. For now this angel’s focus is to portray the notion that television and other forms of media encourage the majority of people to relate with those who are in all honesty only presenting themselves as fellows.

Some of y’all are on the edge of the seat by now, aren’t ya? Let’s get into it…

Head’s up…this is going to upset some of ya’ll, and that’s a good thing because the people leading the majority of Zales (souls) in this experience are insane to put it bluntly. With that being said, there’s plenty to see here that most haven’t even considered. As always, the reader knows what’s best for the reader. This writer is simply sharing what he sees in reality. This is all publicly available by the way…

This writer was raised by a malignant narcissistic mother and a depressed alcoholic father. Need more be said? This writer understands narcissism and psychopathy to a T. Try to convince this writer he’s seeing things a certain way, and this writer will say that’s akin to gaslighting. The media uses that constantly to create something known as cognitive dissonance, and this in turn keeps Zales (souls) fighting about topics that can literally unite EVErybody.

Introducing Tony Podesta:

Tony Podesta, who has donated millions of dollars to the Democratic party and lawmakers on Capitol Hill and worked as a link between corporate America and the Democratic establishment
The Guardian

Collective Evolution

These photos depict what Tony the phony is willing to showcase in his dwelling (apparently he lost that for being a brat). Notice how he’s smiling 🙂 These people are really in for it…this angel has had enough of these turds, and that goes for you too Gwyneth Paltrow! He also featured images in that former dwelling of children with blackened eyes, little to no clothing, in compromised positions, and often restrained. Ya know, what people typically feature in their homes as a way to say “this is TONY, everybody!”

iFunny – what’s funny about it?



John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, is scheduled to co-host a food-themed fundraiser for the Democratic front-runner along with his D.C. lobbyist brother, Tony.

Say what ya want, these people work together and influence each other. One could argue that it’s all separated, but look at how these politicians act. Starting wars on poverty, disease, injustice, drugs, child-welfare, hunger, etc. These people constantly start wars and then have EVEryONE else fight them, which really amounts to EVEryONE fighting among themselves as opposed to working collectively to transmutate Hell.

And they call themselves leaders? Pathetic. But ya’ll vote for em, so…

Introducing a BIG CAN of worms:


Great book. Awful story. So many views. But here’s what this angel will leave for those who are on the fence about whether or not people in positions of influence are into shady things like Human-trafficking, pedophilia, and so much more.

Regardless of what actually transpired throughout these accounts (and there are plenty more in other countries), it’s amazing how quickly, efficiently, and overwhelming the US government’s response was to ridicule, shame, blame, threaten, and derail anyONE with information claiming government officials were anything but angelic.

Hmmm…it comes down to this for this angel because the Vatican commits a similar “evil.” (duality isn’t a thing for this being because there is only ONE being, but there are ways of existing which is why it makes sense to be kind to align all things in sight). If the NSA and upper echelons of the church have access to all of the dirt, then do the proper thing and put it all on display for conscious aspects of God to recognize whether or not they want to continue supporting ya.

After all, when the truth of this matter truly comes out. And it will. Ya’ll are really gonna have to open your mouths, and it will definitely be on the terms of those who see ya’ll as having the intellect of worms. Just saying and sharing, oh how it’s so daring to actually care about transparency. Especially from those who influence so many…

Daily Mail UK

A British turd wearing something familiar to those who reside on Earth. A dress? Yes. But no ordinary One, but One that was depicted in the film Rosemary’s Baby…ya know, the One depicting the birth of the Anti-Christ lol these people think they’re in control. Nowadays they’re blatant about it because they think ya’ll are too stupid to notice and too lazy to take action. Once again, jokes on them!

Introducing The Ninth Gate:



The library featured in the film depicts One protagonist: The Devil, which is lived spelled backwards. The Leviathan is featured prominently on screen too for those who see through the illusion that has most duped. Johnny steps into a room filled with Knowledge, for Satan in Sanskrit is the same. So it makes sense for those pushing an illusion to encourage those being duped to be afraid to even look at their own poop.


Even in the presence of the Devil, One can find God. Roman Polanski sodomized a teenage girl by the way (13), and there are plenty of Hollywood peeps and outsiders who claim Roman was the victim for having to evade prosecution by fleeing the country. Talk about cowardly, and the turd is often given praise. That ladies and gentlemen is the very definition of INSANE.

Regardless of the allegations, what’s the point of even participating in these acts most would consider perverse?

This angel is glad the reader asked.

It all comes down to the second word ya’ll first read, and that would be Psychosphere, It’s a concept introduced by Carl Jung that recognizes how EVEryONE is connected consciously speaking. Here’s a simple example: saying hello to another will produce a certain effect, whereas yelling at the fellow will produce another reaction from within their own bubble.


The same goes true for EVErything that is done around and within all of you. Thoughts and emotions produce a landscape from which the Zale (soul) can make sense of its experience, so EVEry experience starts within first and foremost. We then project it outwardly and share it openly, and some produce greater waves than others because those waves are focused and concentrated.

Most people are enjoying the moment. Others are planning the course of the experience of those around them, and they are doing this knowing full well that their actions are hurting others in the process. It’s honestly why the world appears so chaotic on the television, and then why that experience translates to the rest of reality. It’s the wavelength produced by that group. This has been noticed and is being dealt with. Ya’ll start calling each other old as soon as ya’ll exit the womb.

How old is he? 12 months. That’s a baby…
How old is he? 87 and booming! You’re still a baby cuz the Universe is way older, know what I’m sayin? Age is meaningless when any part of the Universe is suffering, okay kids? Ya’ll literally empower a system that has taken jobs away, yet still expects people to pay.


That should tell the reader EVErything.

EVErything also rhymes with Jeffrey Epstein.

One last interesting note to share with the rest of thee, and this covers how nasty things like pedophilia can be healed in an entirely different way that most westerners haven’t considered in all honesty. Ya see, sexual abuse of any kind denotes the fact there is an imbalanced energy exchange among the participants since the event is lacking conscious consent. When sovereignty is violated, things get messy for EVErybody.

This is why EVEryONE profits when ya’ll are kind. It just makes sense, right?

So then why go against the grain? It’s a program, or more specifically a higher functioning (and thus intellectually brighter) parasite that latches itself onto the nervous system like a virus invading an organism. Overtime this being feeds thoughts, imagery, feeling, and more (stimulated by the host’s body: e.g. hormones) in order to perform various acts that will produce an effect in reality because it’s easier for a non-physical being to change physical things when a physical body does the work. It’s like a puppeteer and the Human becomes the puppet, if that makes sense?


In the astral it looks similar to this, although it’ll bury itself into a sea of darkness to make it appear as though it’s supposed to be there with EVErything else. So if a person violates another sexually, the aggressor will get a dose of energy which is then sucked up by the being housed within the chimpanzee. The parasite will of course thirst for more since it’s a vacuum that feeds on all sorts of things (let me tell ya), and thus it will encourage the host to carry out more acts that feed both parties.

Yes, there are even beings that will feed on the suffering of the other parties. This angel gets to clean up messes like this…sigh. It can be done, though. People who have been exposed to these things in physical reality will then have to deal with them in various ways. This is why some people become their abusers, others flee, and others do whatever comes naturally.

More to come.

Layv and Praise!

Done with the Dreadnought…thank God, for now at least. Here’s a great podcast called Sword and Scale, and it’s an episode covering the Franklin Cover Up. Check it out and give that podcast layv and praise, cause it’s amazing actually.

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4 thoughts on “Dreadnought (Psychosphere)

  1. Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Stuart 🙂 83 is 11 – the number of mastery, so perhaps it’s time to look at Apple (fruity programming from the garden of Eden) slightly differently lol you shared your stuff, so I’m sharing mine 🙂 Layv and Praise!


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