Hall of In(justice)

 Good morning, ladies and gents!
This is the last of the Leviathan’s programs…so many tentacles with this ONE.

Thank Ecrous too because this dude is seriously ready to talk about other things that will probably scare EVEn more people off, and that’s okay because we all have the ability to pick and choose what we consume throughout the day. Sharing is caring on Layv & Praise, so if it resonates then great, if not that’s great, and if it’s a mixed bag of dicks…ya’ll get the gist.

Introducing the Watcher:

I bind thee in courts to flatten your dreams of manifesting justice for another’s wrongdoings.

At least that’s what I used to do. For now I am with Ra whose layv (love) and layt (light) transformed my state with such a gaze so as to leave a Sun and Moon connected via a reflective pool.

Here ONE will find serenity in knowing that Heaven truly understands who is innocent, regardless of how many times they chipped their shoulders or their eyes to the point they made another cry.

What more need be said about men and their court system?
It’s a big pile of excrement that typically allows predators back onto the streets and into positions where they can terrorize people regularly. Jeffrey Epstein…cough cough, and there are plenty more where that ONE was raised!

Non-disclosure agreements are pathetic excuses for silence because truth always shows itself sooner or later. The inevitability of being judged and balanced by the scales of Angels is something all will EVEntually face, regardless of what deals ya’ll make behind the scenes or on the screen for all to see. The Barakiel are so ready to play!

Meanwhile average citizens get reamed constantly, EVEn for having smoked WEED in certain areas deemed unfit for smoking that green. Preposterous! Especially since judges allow pedophiles to get off in more than ONE way, as long as that monkey has plenty of money and access to a slimy attorney. Public defense…joke of the century…who is actually being served and protected in all honesty?

For EVEn the term LEGAL itself produces its own version of hell by “separating” the letters L, which is El = 1/72 names of God in Hebrew. Quotes surround the word separate because L is still displayed within the entirety of the word legality.

Silly psychopathic and narcissistic monkeys thinking they’re running things with their ega’s or ego’s, as though they believe they can create a new age when read backwards in the same “lagel” name.

Layv and Praise!

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