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It’s that time again to break this matrix down to smithereens in order for humanity to recognize it is comprised of eternal beings housed temporarily within physical vessels called human bodies, which are actually genetically modified chimpanzees that were developed and hindered by Reptilian Drakes so humanity could be served on a plate like a steak for those who care little for anything or anyplace since they lack empathy and run on entropy.


This monkey is finished being a slave to those who will never even see his face, at least that’s what they think because self-actualization means I’m coming for you monkeys who feel the need to exert hollow authority over everybody outside of your own body.

Human Love? Why in the hell is it so messy? Why is it so costly? Why is it so utterly complicated to the point people can’t even agree on how to love each other equally by simply allowing each other to breathe and be as they already do naturally? Why is the divorce rate and abortion even a thing in a world where people can make connections with anybody or anything?

If One knows anything about the Roman(ce) – phonetically sounds like Romans – they will have the understanding that the roman empire (lower case for lower vibrations produced by them) specialized in genocide, slavery, trade (money/finances), religion (they were involved with Yeshua’s crucifixion and recognized how the bro could be martyred to control others. VATICAN cough cough.

Yeshua – Pope’s Audience Hall (snake attached to head)
Pope’s Audience Hall – Rome, Italy

Isn’t it Interesting how the supposed antagonist of Christendom literally fills the hall of the very people telling everyone else to be afraid of their boogeyman? Most of what you know to be in this reality is little more than illusory, and I realize this can be upsetting for some of thee. Just know there’s much more than what you’ve been led to believe.

Last but not least, the concept of the ring. Roman(ce) utilized the ring in a manner that is akin to representing a ring of Saturn or the planetary body being the very embodiment of a constricting agent. “Bound in matrimony.”

The story of why the wedding ring is worn on the left hand can be traced back to ancient times (really). In that era, the Romans believed that the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) on the left hand ran directly to one’s heart. Because of this belief, they called that vein the “vena amoris” or vein of love. Naturally, to solidify a union based on love, they’d place the ring on that finger that housed the vein of love to signify the romance that the newly married couple shared. 

This writer will now wrap this up because this has been quite the information dump stemming from one who has certainly had enough. Left hand ring and the vein running to the heart can be seen quite easily when one sees the snakes coupled with romantic primates (roman + tic = blood sucking parasites).

Left Hand Path

“Left Hand” – Excellent Read, Professional and Non-Biased
“Ring” of Saturn

 Heart is phonetically similar to HARD, so it makes sense that most people think as supposed to vyal with their chest because if this monkey is truly being honest, that’s where One’s Soul (SOL or SUN or SON) anchors itself.


Things get even more interesting when One realizes their own eyes represent the symbol of the Sun in an astrological sense. Don’t believe me? Here ya go, my fellow chimpanzee! Love is evil spelled backwards by the way.

NASA aka Government NASA
“Eyes are the windows to the Soul”

More on Saturn tomorrow.
Layv and Praise!

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